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Created by Clovis North Students: Deepro Pasha (Founder / Project Manager / Lead Programmer), Jonah Bedouch (Programmer), Alex Jenkins (Resource Collection), Zach O'Neil (Designer), Rohan Otal (Programmer / Designer), Natasha Reddivalam (Resource Collection), Ahmad Salam (Designer), Shailey Shah (Resource Collection), Chandra Sharma (Programmer), Faith Van Hoven (Resource Collection), Daniel Wang (Programmer).
Faculty Advisor (Supervisor): Mary Allen, Teacher: AP Computer Science A, AP Computer Science Principles, Advisor: SWENext, Coding Club, Project LEAP, Lead: CTE Pathway, Software and Systems Development, Supervisor: Internships- App Developer, Web Designer, Virtual Reality, Programmer, 3D Modeler.
For further contact: Deepro Pasha (Founder / Project Manager / Lead Programmer) - (school) DeeproPasha001, (personal), Mrs. Allen (Faculty Advisor) -
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